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Legal Services for Parents Regarding Child Support in North Texas

Texas child support laws recognize the right of every child to receive support from both parents. The state of Texas has a formula for basic child support, but courts also have discretion to consider a wide range of circumstances that could drive the price of child support up or down. Whether you anticipate paying or receiving child support, the family law attorneys at Burrows Law Group provide firm, compassionate representation to help you secure a fair support order. If you are already living with a child support order, we can help you seek or oppose a modification of the support amount.

Understanding the Process for Getting a Fair Child Support Order in Texas

If the parents don’t live together with the child, due to either divorce or the fact they were never married, the noncustodial parent usually has a duty of paying child support to the custodial parent. Texas child support laws have enacted support guidelines to strike a fair balance and avoid an undue burden to one of the parents. The guidelines calculate basic child support based on the noncustodial parent’s net income and the number of children receiving support.


From there, the court has discretion to adjust a result that might be inappropriate in light of all the facts. To do so, the Texas Family Code § 154.123 instructs the court to consider certain factors:

  • The child’s age and needs
  • The parent’s ability to contribute to the child’s support
  • Any financial resources available for the child support
  • The obligee’s (i.e., the person receiving child support) net resources and earning potential
  • Childcare expenses
  • Whether either party has actual physical custody of another child
  • The amount of alimony or spousal maintenance owed in addition to child support
  • The child’s educational expenses
  • Employee benefits, such as housing or a company car
  • Health insurance and uninsured medical expenses for the child
  • Extraordinary educational, healthcare or other expenses of the child
  • Travel expenses incurred to exercise visitation
  • Positive or negative cash flow from real or personal property and assets such as businesses or investments
  • Any other reason consistent with the best interests of the child, taking into consideration the circumstances of the parents

As your family law advocate, the child support lawyers at Burrows Law Group bring to the court’s attention any factors that could lead to a favorable result.

Terminating and Modifying Child Support in Texas

A custody order generally lasts until the child turns 18, but it may extend in the case of a disabled child. However, it is often necessary to ask the court to modify an order based on the changing needs of the child or a change in the obligor parent’s ability to pay. In our practice, we represent obligors who have experienced serious financial reversals that require a reduction in payments. We also represent recipient parents who oppose motions to reduce child support or who move to increase child support based on the best interests of their children.

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