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Benefits of Mediation

At Burrows Law Group, we understand that, for many people, divorce is a particularly intimidating process because they do not want to take their case or their spouses to court and put extra strain on an already fragile situation. Mediation is a great alternative, in most cases, to going to divorce court, as it fosters amicable dispute resolution between the divorcing parties. The divorce attorneys at Burrows Law Group are proficient mediators and are here to advise and guide you while facilitating a smooth marriage-dissolution process.

To discover if mediation is right for you and your situation, it is important to understand the difference between mediation and a traditional trial.

Meditation Definition

It’s not uncommon for people outside of the legal services realm to ask about the definition of mediation when weighing their settlement options. It’s simple, really. Mediation is a form of alternative conflict resolution, a process that allows disputing parties to settle their case outside of the courtroom. With mediation, divorcing spouses come together to settle their divorce on their own terms in the presence of an objective third party, or mediator. During the mediation process, the divorcing parties address post-marital issues like alimony and the division of assets. If there are children involved, the spouses will also work together to form an agreement about custody, visitation and child support arrangements. Once both parties agree on all points, they will be issued a Decree of Divorce.

The mediation process is generally an ongoing negotiation; even in the most amicable of divorces, it generally takes time for both spouses to reach a final agreement. When children are involved, mediation is definitely the best option. Though the divorce will likely be hard on the children, it is in their best interest for their parents to resolve their issues in a healthy manner through effective communication. What’s more is mediation is generally less expensive than going to trial.

Going to Trial

Settling a divorce by going to trial is also a viable option in many cases. If you and your spouse are not on terms that can facilitate a healthy mediation, a divorce by trial will be the best way to dissolve the marriage. Trials are often time consuming and emotionally draining, so you will need an experienced divorce attorney who’s a seasoned litigator on your side should your case go to trial.

Courts can order spousal support in Texas for an unlimited timespan for spouses who receive alimony because a physical and mental disability of theirs or a child of the marriage prevents them from becoming self-supporting.

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Only an experienced attorney can help you determine if mediation is your best option for settling a divorce. After reviewing your case, your attorney will explain the risks and benefits, as they pertain to your case, of both mediation and trial. If you need legal counsel regarding your family law matter and would like to pursue mediation, call the attorneys at Burrows Law Group for a case evaluation or consultation.



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